T32 Grant

The Genetic Epidemiology of HLB Traits Training Grant

Human genome studies are providing fresh insights into heart, lung, and blood (HLB) traits, with opportunities for translation of research findings to clinical and community settings for disease prevention and health promotion.

Yet, there remain an insufficient number of HLB genetic epidemiologists who can design and implement multidisciplinary HLB genetic epidemiology research that combines technological advances in genome measurement with cutting-edge statistical tools to advance understanding of the genomic basis of HLB traits and associated diseases in the most-burdened populations.

The Genetic Epidemiology of Heart, Lung, and Blood Traits (or GenHLB) Training Grant responds to these research gaps by providing interdisciplinary, integrated, and comprehensive instruction in the genetic epidemiology of HLB traits from an outstanding team of research mentors with expertise spanning four proposed core training dimensions: HLB genetic epidemiology; computation/methods; ‘OMICs; and culture, diversity, and disparities.

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